Specialized Catamount Classic presented by Monster Energy – July 26 and 27, 2014 » Pro XCT Mountain Bike Race at Catamount Outdoor Family Center, Williston VT

Alcohol Policy

The Vermont Department of Liquor Control (ABC) strictly enforces the laws regarding alcohol consumption at special events, such as the Catamount Classic Pro XCT.  Please comply with the following rules regarding alcohol consumption.

  1. Beer and wine only. No other alcohol beverages are permitted.
  2. Beer and wine may only be served to—or possessed, consumed, or purchased by—individuals age twenty-one and up. A valid ID is required.
  3. Beer and wine may only be sold by preapproved vendors with valid liquor and alcohol licenses.
  4. Personal use of beer and wine in single-serving containers is permitted. This does not include allowing the use by way of sampling or the distribution of single-serving containers at promotional events or private parties/organized gatherings. For these occasions, please contactEric Bowker for further instructions.
  5. Beer kegs are not allowed, since they are not designed for personal use.